Our Collective - Media Membership Package

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Now that you have a store and a product it is time to take it to the next level! Become a member of FlyingFoxMedia and unlock your own dashboard along with a marketplace made just for you with thousands of media solutions. All solutions are at whole sale prices and include do-it-with you and do-it-for you options. The savings when utilized equates to thousands of dollars per membership. This is the equivalent of Sams Club memberships, but for media. 


- Free GMB, SEO, and LISTINGS reports

- Access to exclusive marketplace for marketing and branding solutions

- Whole sale pricing for all services

- Connect your GMB and social media to your dashboard to view everything in one place

- Online business tracking

- Post to all of the major social media platforms simultaneously

- Get access to all of our marketing tips and tricks

- Get access to a 1 hour free consultation a month from our marketing team to help learn where we can boost your business

- Get access to 1 free leads sheet of a target market of your choice (Maximum 50 leads per month)

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