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When it's the holidays or there is a new product launch you want to give your clients the best you have to offer so offer them a custom discount code! Our discount codes are extremely flexible with abilities to choose individual items or your whole store front and even how long the code is active. Take your marketing to the next level and push tons of product with our discount code integration. 


- Research for pricing and conditions

- Discount code

- Selection of items

- Repricing on impacted items to help keep comfortable margins

- 1 Graphic to use for marketing purposes

*Note that pricing is currently based on a standardized calculator which prevents loss of funds due to unforeseen costs such as shipping and taxes. Please note that if you wish to keep the same pricing and ask for a discount awarded that runs the risk of loss of money per SKU sold FlyingFoxGear will not be liable for that item and member will be invoiced for any extra costs assumed including returned items, undelivered items, and faulty items that the code impacted. This also includes any items that the code might not have been used on at checkout --- Please use the guidance of our support team to find a quality discount/repricing which avoids this challenge from occurring*

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