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Activate your fully trained Customer Service Team for support of your store. Any time a product isn't delivered or is late or is done incorrectly you want a customer service team ready for support. You can handle the request or you can let our trained staff handle it for you. We also will cover the damages on your behalf!


- Trained service representatives from US and Philippines who have over 60 years of experience handling customer services calls, negotiating with vendors, verifying shipping codes, and guaranteeing a hands off approach for you and your branded items. 

- Coverage of up to $1,000 of incorrect goods and non-deliverables each month. 

- Clients with issues contact our department directly and we handle the whole process from disgruntled customer to reimbursement if necessary to protect your brand. 

- Vendor, supplier, and printer follow-up and negotiations. You don't want to waste time trying to handle cases to investigate incorrect orders so let us take that off of your hands. 

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