Digital Marketing Competition | Entry

Digital Marketing Competition | Entry

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Join our Digital Marketing Competition for a grand prize of $10,000. 

We want serious marketers who feel underpaid and want a shot at getting paid what they are worth! The possible prizes include $10,000 in cash, 3-5 day long vacation stays, Affiliate links, merchandise, cheatsheets, training, testimonial videos, referrals, and even contracts for hire.

Included with your entry is:

1) Access to hidden facebook group where competition communications will be held

2) Access to over 20 software programs that you can use to help you create the perfect marketing strategy and execute it with excellence

3) Eligibility to participate in the competition for the $10,000 prize along with all other available prizes totaling over $15,000+ in value

4) Ability to market a real life small business where you get to have a REAL CASE STUDY. Even if you don't win you can show your metrics and how well you did to future potential clients

5) Top 15 Placements will receive a testimonial video and a review on your business account of your choosing

6) Discounts on other marketing related products and solutions after completion of the competition

7) Some merchandise to say thank you for your time and expertise

If you have any other suggestions as to how we can sweeten the pot to make this an even more exciting competition for future competitions we would love to hear from you! 

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