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Investment Advisor turned his passion of photography into his own company!

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Self taught salon stylist who turned his passion for personal hair care into an independent salon that was featured on "The Book Show".  Q-Care loves their clients and love paying attention to detail. The brand is one that is a force to be reckoned with as they launched their newest PRODUCT line taking the company to the next level!

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One of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in the mid-west Wisconsin area leads this innovative drywall company. Starting out of Milwaukee, and in under a year, branched up to Green Bay. Danny's Drywall has grown from a $50,000 a year company to just over $700,000 in revenue. Danny's Drywall boasts to be one of the friendliest, fairest price, and cleanliest drywall companies that make your home feel like it should be after the job is done!



A group of investment advisors who's passion is not only finance and investments, but also the proper education of the public. Their curriculum is geared toward training with investments and investment strategies. Bull Run's unique curriculum dives into equities, debt, derivatives, forex, and even crypto. They approach investments in a way that not only addresses strategy and economics, but emphasizes on emotional awareness and personal development.