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Knowledge is power and power comes from getting real data that you can use to make good decision to grow your business. We have in-depth reports that are specialized for your business to help figure out what to do next so your business is top of the pack in your field!

Select from a multitude of options of different Report. Take them with you and give them to your team or reach out to Our Collective members and see who can help you. If you don't find anything don't worry contact us directly and we will help with solutions to solve your current challenges. 

Possible options:

- Google My Business Report (Critical for ranking in SEO on google pages and google maps)

- Facebook Report (Figure out what you are doing right and what needs to be fixed to become consistent and congruent. This is also essential in SEO for your business) 

- Core Web Vitals Report (Learn what Google has to say about your ranking. This report is only available for businesses that have data for these key metrics: LCPFID, and CLS. If a URL does not have a minimum amount of reporting data for any of these metrics, it is omitted from the report. Once a URL has a threshold amount of data for any metric, the page status is the status of its most poorly performing metric)

- Citation Report (Having consistent data across all major platforms is critical in SEO. Learn the different places that you do or do not have a business account with. Obtaining more accounts with the consistent data will greatly set you apart from the pack)

- Keyword ranking report (Locally you want to have a monopoly on the keyword searches. Learn where your company ranks on each of the main keywords that you want to be highly ranked on, see who the competition is, and take action to become the king of your keywords) Currently offering 5 Keywords per report

*Note that not all businesses have enough data or enough presence to get all of the reports. If we are unable to get enough data on the reports we will refund 90% of the payments rendered as there is a research fee. If we are unable to provide the applicable report you wished we will also present to you an option to put your funds towards another report that may be of service at no extra charge*

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